Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Composition Project

Alex Blunk

Composition Project:

This assignment was taking photos using composition. I used elements such as the Rule of thirds, Lines, Symmetry, and more I took pictures. I used the camera to take many pictures of each element, then I established my blog.

This photo shows balance by using light from the windows down the stairs

This photo shows a balance of light from the window and the light from inside on the table

Depth of Field:
This photo shows depth of field using the trashcan as a primary looking target

This photo shows framing through the bookholder here

This photo shows lines on the wall

The ceiling here has a pattern with the wooden boards

This shows the bottom of a street sign, adding an interesting perspective

Rule of Thirds:
This photo shows rule of thirds by placing the main object on the left, and a background to the right

The side of the school shows A symmetry, as one side reflects the other

This photo shows the beat up texture of a wall, looking from the bottom part.

This unit taught me how to take better photos using composition, rather than making them seem bland. This unit also taught where to take good pictures from, whether inside or outside. I've also learned how to operate blogger and post images. This unit was especially fun, and I hope to move on toward the next exciting unit in our adventure.

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