Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Final Reflection

I never thought I would ever try to be a photographer. After taking this class I noticed that I could make myself a good photographer. I hardly have taken any photographs before, but now that I have taken this class it wouldn't be a bad idea to start. The first day I walked into this class I didn't know what to expect. I never knew we would be practicing in photoshop as well.

The first time I've taken a photograph I felt like I could become a pro. It felt amazing to be able to take pictures of things like the table or the lights. I never thought pictures could have such high resolution. It was amazing loading the pictures into photoshop and playing with this. Editing the contrast and colors was fun inside photoshop. What was more fun was using the photoshop to edit the context of images.

How much I've grown as a photographer over time:

My slideshow:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Assignment 7, Motion

This week I decided to do motion. It was an easy topic to do because I had a friend that helped me with this assignment.
Final product (No photoshop):

F-stop: 8
ISO: 400
Shutter Speed: 1/25
I used this image because the object could be seen more clearly compared to the other objects
 Other photos:

In this assignment, I learned how to talk photos with a slow shutter speed. One shot I've used a tripod with, but the image was too bright so it was not included.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

P/S Tutorial

In this assignment, we choice want we got to do. We choose any tutorial we found on the internet for photoshop.

After (instagram tutorial):

 After (oil paint)

This assignment was fun to do because we got to choose which tutorials we could do. I learned many new filters for images such as oil paint and blurring. I wish we could do more of this.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Photo Assignment 6, Still Life

This week I decided to use still life. This week was hard to do because I had to take a lot of pictures. I had to do a lot of photos, so I decided to take them at home.

Edited final:
Other photos: 

This week I learned how to take quality photos using still life. I thought it was more unique because we got to set up each photo.

Puns Assignment

In this assignment, we used photoshop to edit images in order to make them puns. We were allowed to take images off the internet and edit them in photoshop.

In this project I learned how to use photoshop and got more experience  using the quick selection tool. This project was fun to do since we got to be a little creative in what were could do. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dictionary Assignment

In this assignment, we took words from the dictionary and added images that relate to that word. For this assignment, I did the words "America" and "Escarpments".


In this assignment, I got familiar with the quick selection tool. I also used the gradient tool as well. This assignment was mostly easy to do. I wish we got to work more on this.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Photo Assignment 5, Shadows and Light

This week I did shadows and light as my main subject. This assignment was mostly easy to do because there was plenty of places in the school  which had light. 

My original image:

Other images:

In this assignment, I learned how to take quality photos. I also learned how to use contrast in photoshop to enhance the image. This assignment was fun to do because I got to go all around the school to take photos.